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Colemac Specialist Contracts Ltd
is a specialist contracting company which provides solutions for flooring, concrete repair and waterproofing problems.

J.M.A Specialist Flooring Services
Colemac Specialist Contracts Ltd

only have operatives applying products that are trained to the standards acceptable to the product manufacturer.

Technical Support

Colemac Specialist Contracts Ltd has access to the technical expertise of a number of manufacturers who provide regular product training and assist in the preperation of technical specifications.

Concrete Repairs

The range of concrete repair systems provided include repairs to defective concrete structures and restoration works for schools, churches, commercial buildings and industrial projects.

Waterproofing Systems

Water ingress in structures below ground present significant challenges and the company has specialised in providing waterproofing solutions for undergroung car parks, water tanks, reservoirs and water towers.

Form of Equipment Held in Belfast & Dublin Cities

Preperation Equipment

Blastrak Machines
With heavy duty vacuum, machines, (dust free shot blasting)

Floor Scabbling Machines
Acceptable preperation for spalling concrete.

Diamond Grinders
Fast and efficient method for floor levelling.

Heavy duty surface grinder m/cs employed to reduce Resin Terrazzo floors.
e.g. (8mm to 6mm)

Additional Equipment
Epoxy paddle/mixing m/cs
Power floats
Cleaning m/cs
(for chemical floor neutralize)
Heavy duty vacuum for surface water.

Under Floor Heating Systems

Colemac Specialist Contracts have been providing floor screeding services by way of concrete, sand and cement, polymer modified sand and cement and both cementitious and non-cementicious flowing screeds for nearly 30 years
On many occasions in recent years we find ourselves laying screeds both flowing and hand applied over under floor heating. We see it as being very beneficial to the main contractor that we are at this time the only licensee / installer of Flowcretes Isowarm Under Floor Heating System

We have our own team of qualified plumbers, all experienced in the installation of under floor heating and also trained on the Isowarm system in Flowcrete's offices in the UK. We offer the system as a complete Floorzone solution which would comprise of the followig:
Floor insulation, UFH pipe work and manifolds (tested), all controls and wiring drawings.
Flooring screeds may differ from contract to contract polythuame, epoxy etc.....

Listed below are some of the benefits of the Isowarm System.


The company has acquired extensive expertise and experience in the implementation of flooring systems for the industrial and commercial sector including pharmaceutical plants, food establishments
shopping centres and office developments. The range of flooring systems are listed below.

  • Polymer modified floor screeds.
  • Cementations self-levelling floor screeds.
  • Rapid setting fast track floor screeds.
  • Epoxy self-levelling floor screeds.
  • Epoxy chemical resistant floor and wall coatings.
  • Polyurethane slip resistant hygenic floor screeds.
  • Polyurethane terrazzo and anti-static floor screeds.

Saving up to 30% compared to conventional heating systems
Safer - no hot radiators which are considered a hazard in buildings for child care or caring for the infirm.
A reduction in airborne bacteria can be expected as the system depends mostly on radiation as opposed to convection from modern radiators.
Space savings are made in terms of free wall space due to radiators being required.
System controls can be tailored to met the needs of the building.
Free design service.
Lifetime guarantee with all components.
This is the only system designed with the screed in mind for complete performance.
The main contractor only has to deal with one subcontractor which will lead to time savings on site during installation.

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